A Doll’s House

by Henrik Ibsen


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Ibsen’s play aroused great controversy at the time. It is seen a deeply critical of nineteenth century norms.  

At the end the  protagonist Nora  leaves her husband and children because she wants to find out who she really is.

For years she has lived as a trophy wife. Ibsen was a man ahead of his time who believed that a woman could not

be herself in society whilst laws were made by men assessing feminine conduct from a male standpoint.

He believed  that every individual has a need to find out who she or he really is and that they should strive to do that.  Revolutionary indeed!



Torvald Helmer, a lawyer  (30s-40s)

Nora, his wife (30s- 40s)

Dr Rank (40s- late 50s)

Mrs Linde (early 40s)

Nils Krogstad, also a lawyer (30s-40s)

Nurse Anne- Marie (40s-50s)

Maid, Helen – 20s

Porter- any age

Three small children – aged 9, 6 and 2 ( or close)  Two boys and a girl


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